Can-Am X3 | 72″ Long-Travel Suspension Kit


With this new 72″ Long-Travel Suspension Kit system, the Can-Am X3 becomes a totally new machine, while still remaining true to its mission as a versatile, rugged, and dedicated off-roading machine. The innovative design, with significantly less effort required by the driver compared to any other suspension system.


SF RaceWorks is excited to announce an all new 72″ Long-Travel Suspension Kit for the popular Can-Am X3. Add clearance, strength and appeal to your Can Am X3. This all new Long-Travel Suspension Kit is transforming suspension and all-around vehicle performance . The Can-Am X3 Suspension kit will be one that competes with other companies in the industry that provides a wider stance for stability, enhance ground clearance and compatible to use with Factory Shocks!

The long travel suspension kit has been redesigned to offer sleek approach angles, a more rigid look and added clearance. While driving the tires remain predictable and pointed in the intended direction, with significantly less effort required by the driver compared to any other suspension system. This new Long-Travel Suspension kit offers consumers the benefit of a little extra travel and stability with the +4” per sidetrack width.  Each kit will come with 4 Front A-arms, 2 Trailing arms, 4 Rear Links.



• +4 inches wider per side; Additional 8 inches of track width
• Fiber Laser Cut construction for precise fit and finish
• CNC’d 4130 heat treated billet mounting points for increased integrity
• Set shocks below center line of arm and also runs a 7/8” fk hiem at the fwd pivot to allow adjustment for toe on rear of car
• Hand TIG welded for strength and aesthetics
• Have a full adjustable upper and lower arm utilizing 3/4” uniballs and 5/8” hiems at the pivots to allow adjustment on camber and caster to keep steering Ackerman perfect with a 7/8” uniball instead of ball joints
• Compatible with factory wheels
• High-Clearance Arms provide 1.25” of front and 3” rear added ground clearance
• 100% Bolt-on installation using factory mounting points

Can-Am X3 Long Travel Suspension Kit

  • 4 Front A-arms
  • 2 Rear Trailing arms
  • Fk Hiems
  • Spindle Pins
  • Hardware Pack
Weight 90 lbs


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